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The Moon and th...
Regõ Rejtem
A5 Digipak CD
"10/10. Ni plus, ni moins, pour un album extraordinaire. "Emballé je suis". The Moon and the Nightspirit sont des hongrois (assez rare pour le surligner) formés en 2003 par un duo Agnes et Mihaly. Préc(...)"

Pavillion 666
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Arditi (Sweden)
"Bloodtheism + Religion of the Blood" Digipak CD + MCD Set 2020, SkullLine Mailorder
sold out
Originally released on digital format, "Bloodtheism" is now given a physical release in a remastered version with two exclusive bonus tracks. This bundle includes a bonus CDr with 4 revised versions of "Religion of the Blood"! Lim. 50x, with 3 postcards.

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- tracklist -
CD I: Bloodtheism
I. Bloodtheism (4:36)
II. Militant Fate (6:06)
III. Creative Principle (6:26)
IV. Conquering Energy (4:59)
V. Militares Nobiles (7:57)
VI. Imperium Maius (4:11)
Bonus Tracks:
VII. Winged Coiled Serpent (6:53)
VIII. Divine Order (4:46)
Bonus CD: Religion of the Blood
I. Religion of the Blood (Experimental version) (04:32)
II. Religion of the Blood (Ambient version) (05:34)
III. Religion of the Blood (Industrial version) (04:33)
IV. Religion of the Blood (Instrumental version) (04:34)

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