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Embrace the Fool
Digipak CD
"Born of a correspondence between musicians, "Embrace the Fool" is an imaginative, heartfelt love letter addressed to one another, to the state of loving across distances, and to the very uncertainty o(...)"

Gothic Beauty Magazine
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Arditi (Sweden)
"Spirit of Sacrifice - Black Vinyl" 12" LP 2011, Equilibrium Music
sold out
Unavailable for some years, "Spirit of Sacrifice" is now given a proper re-issue, and for the first time also on collector's vinyl with one bonus track! Heavy 12" 180gr. black vinyl, lim. 250 hand-numbered copies.

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- tracklist -
01. Palinginesis
02. Religion of the Blood
03. Spirit of Sacrifice
04. Nicht Mehr Schande
05. Our Misfortune
06. The Measures of Our Age
07. Blood Firmament
08. Sieg Durch Zwecksetzung
09. Exeunt
10. Destiny of a God (bonus track!)

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