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The Garden of t...
Digipak CD
"This is the new project from ex-Gothica soprano Alessandra Santovito. She has joined up with Francesco Forgione who plays double bass and keyboards, for this new project. This album serves as the debu(...)"

Gothic Paradise
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Arditi (Sweden)
"Exaltation Of The Past" 12" LP 2019, Steinklang Industries
35.00EUR • approx. 50.8USD [ add to cart ]
Compilation of tracks from the first era of Arditi, from the albums "Standards Of Triumph", "Spirit Of Sacrifice" and "Leading The Iron Resistance", plus a previously track. All tracks have been reworked and remastered in 2018. Lim. 100x copies.

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- tracklist -
A1. Ploughshares Into Swords (04:32)
A2. Sieg Durch Zwecksetzung (04:29)
A3. Legionaries (05:43)
A4. Ploughshares Into Swords Part II (04:42)
A5. Volunteers (04:11)
B1. Nicht Mehr Schande (04:43)
B2. Blood Firmament (04:47)
B3. Palingenesis (03:39)
B4. The Sinking Ship (06:17)
B5. Standards Of Triumph (04:21)

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