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"Equilibrium Music del nostro amico Nuno Roberto č una fucina di talenti inesauribile, una piccola casa discografica che porta avanti con passione una strategia precisa di supporto alla Musica, e che c(...)"

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Kloster (Denmark)
"Half Dream, Half Epiphany" 12" LP 2015, Target Distribution
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Intended as a political record, "Half Dream..." brings dark but hopeful kind of pastoral Folk (beautifuly orchestrated!), centered around Mikael R Andreasen's fragile voice and vocal terms backed by Norwegian Solrun Stig and American Sarah Hepburn.

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- tracklist -
A1. Another World (3:55)
A2. Benjamin's Song (3:41)
A3. Shepherd Song (3:47)
A4. I Burned The Blueprints (4:40)
A5. Time Spent With You Is Time Well Spent (6:07)
B1. Half Dream, Half Epiphany (4:09)
B2. Take The Driver's Seat (4:05)
B3. Clad And Closed (1:36)
B4. Be Still, My Soul (10:04)

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