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"Il secondo album di questo ensemble italiano si fatto attendere quattro anni. Tale attesa ha prodotto indubbi vantaggi: sono infatti stati radunati i mezzi per fare di "Florilegium" un'opera genuina(...)"

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Of the Wand and the Moon (Denmark)
"The Lone Descent (2011) - Orange / Brown / White Tri-color Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2021, Heiðrunar Myrkrunar
36.00EUR • approx. 52.2USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
With a clear 60's influence, where the love for Lee Hazlewood and Serge Gainsbourg shines through, this is definitely the most bleak and melancholic album from Of The Wand & The Moon, clearly showing Larsen's brilliant talent as a singer/songwriter.

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- tracklist -
A1. Sunspot
A2. Absence
B1. A Pyre Of Black Sunflowers
B2. Tear It Apart
B3. We Are Dust
C1. A Tomb Of Seasoned Dye
C2. Is It Out Of Our Hands?
C3. Watch The Skyline Catch Fire
D1. The Lone Descent
D2. Inner Vorwarts
D3. Song For Deaf Ears In Empty Cathedrals
D4. A Pyre Of Black Sunflowers (Acoustic)

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