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Ghostly Kisses
Acoustic Collection
12" LP Akira Records
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Fourth, Part One
Digipak CD
"Om nu simpelweg te zeggen dat Deleyaman een Franse band is, is toch wel een beetje kort door de bocht. De vier leden zijn weliswaar gevestigd in Normandië, waar door de jaren heen wel vaker buitenland(...)"

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Nurse With Wound (United Kingdom)
"Brained By Falling Masonry / Cooloorta Moon" 12" Picture LP 2023, United Dirter
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The definitive NWW EPs for the first time together on one single album! These marked distinctive change in the NWW sound as it utilises more traditional instrumentation and borders on the verge of song structures.

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A1. Brained By Falling Masonry
A2. A Short Dip In The Glory Hole
B1. Cooloorta Moon
B2. A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing
B3. Sarah's Beloved Aunt

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