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Trobar de Morte
Carpe Noctem
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Shining Silver Skies
Digipak CD
"Ashram consists of Luigi Rubino (piano), Sergio Panarella (vocals) and Alfredo Notarloberti (violin). These Italians have certainly got the talent for creating cinematographic music, beautiful harmoni(...)"

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Nurse With Wound (United Kingdom)
"Alas The Madonna Does Not Function (1988)" 12" Picture LP 2022, United Dirter
30.00EUR • approx. 43.5USD [ recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
A record that whilst unmistakably retaining that ineffable NWW character brought rhythmic and almost ‘musical’ elements into play. "Madonna..." functions as the bridge between the old and the new. Includes "I am the Poison", remastered by Andreew Liles.

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A1. Nil By Mouth
A2. I Am The Poison
B. Swansong

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