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Bark Psychosis
Scum (1992)
12" EP Rolling H...
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Fourth, Part One
Digipak CD
"Mainly fine, ethereal music is what awaits those who choose to listen to this wonderful album packed with many different paths. We’re talking about an alloy of dark wave, neo-folk and world music here(...)"

Kronos Mortus
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A.A.Williams (United Kingdom)
"As The Moon Rests - Gold Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2022, Bella Union
33.00EUR • approx. 47.9USD [ new : recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
A.A. Williams's much-anticipated second album. "As The Moon Rests" is both heavier and softer, there’s more texture and weight, and a string ensemble. It’s "Forever Blue" times ten!

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- tracklist -
A1. Hollow Heart
A2. Evaporate
A3. Murmurs
B1. Pristine
B2. Shallow Water
B3. For Nothing
C1. Golden
C2. The Echo
C3. Alone In The Deep
D1. Ruin (Let Go)
D2. As The Moon Rests

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