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Madre, Protégenos
Digipak CD
"“Madre, proteggimi” è la disperata preghiera che, sommessamente, viene pronunciata in più lingue (italiano incluso) nell’ipnotica title-track del nuovo album firmato dall’ex-Anathema ed ex-Antimatter (...)"

DarkRoom Magazine
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Emma Ruth Rundle (U.S.A.)
"Electric Guitar: Two (Dowsing Voice) - Black Vinyl" 12" LP 2022, Sargent House
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Recorded during the winter of 2020 in Wales, "EG2" is a mythology of Rundle’s own making, full of vocal experiments and improvisations underscored with symphonic elements and masterful guitar work where she intuits the sounds of goddess-like creatures.

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- tracklist -
A1. Intro To The Underpool: The Path, The Gate, The Field, The Well (2:46)
A2. Keening Into Ffynnon Llanllawer (3:23)
A3. In The Cave Of The Cailleach's Death-Birth (2:01)
A4. Gathering Around Pair Dadeni (0:55)
A5. Brigid Wakes To Find Her Voice Anew. The Little Flowers And Birds Show Themselves (3:44)
A6. Imbolc Dawn Atop Ynys Wydryn. Ice Melts As The First Resplendent Rays Of Spring Pour Over The Horizon. (6:17)
B1. The Tempest On Trefasser (6:52)
B2. Don Danann Dana Danu Ana (6:50)
B3. Standing Stones Singing / Cellphone Towers Ringing Up To The Darkening Sky (1:06)
B4. In Sadness For Our Dying World (Here Come The Christians) (6:35)

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