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Trobar de Morte
The Book Of Shadows
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Ainda É Noite
Digipak CD
"Du willst die richtige Musik für herbstliche Abende, an denen Du zusehen möchtest wie das Laub von den Bäumen fällt? Du willst Musik für entspannte Badewannenstunden, um die Seele baumeln zu lassen un(...)"

Schwarzer Tau
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Xasthur (U.S.A.)
"Portal Of Sorrow (2010) - Black Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2021, Lupus Lounge
30.00EUR • approx. 43.5USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
The eighth and final Black Metal album by Xasthur, as the next album features a more acoustic Folk sound, an element which is already often present here, not least due to the guest vocals by Marissa Nadler. Lim. 300x.

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- tracklist -
A1. Portal Of Sorrow (4:09)
A2. Broken Glass Christening (3:51)
A3. Shrine Of Failure (4:28)
B1. Stream Of Subconsciousness (7:51)
B2. Karma/Death (4:20)
B3. Horizon Of Plastic Caskets (3:50)
B4. Mesmerized By Misery (2:53)
C1. This Abyss Holds The Mirror (7:31)
C2. Mourning Tomorrow (2:08)
C3. Miscarriage Of The Soul (3:27)
D1. Obeyer's Of Their Own Deaths (2:31)
D2. Released From This Earth (4:28)
D3. The Darkest Light (4:37)
D4. Hiver De Glace (1:56)

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