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The Garden of t...
Digipak CD
"In der antiken griechischen Mythologie bezeichnet Hesperos den Abendstern bzw. die Venus. Manche glaubten, dass er der Vater der Hesperiden sei, Nymphen die in einem wunderschönen Garten, zusammen mit(...)"
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Boris (Japan)
"Pink (Deluxe Edition) (2005)" 3x 12" LP Boxset 2016, Sargent House
37.00EUR • approx. 53.7USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
This special 3x LP 10th anniversary re-issue includes the original version of Boris' classic album, plus 9 previously unreleased "Forbidden Songs", recorded during the same sessions. Comes with 6 page booklet in a die-cut cardboard box.

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- tracklist -
A1. Pink
A2. Woman On The Screen
A3. Nothing Special
A4. Blackout
B1. Electric
B2. Six, Three Times
B3. Afterburner
B4. Pseudo-Bread
C1. My Machine
C2. Farewell
D. Just Abandoned My-Self
Pink Sessions - "Forbidden Songs"
E1. Your Name -Part 2-
E2. Heavy Rock Industry
E3. Sofun
E4. Non/sha/lant
E5. Room Noise
F1. Talisman
F2. N.F. Sorrow
F3. Are You Ready?
F4. Tiptoe

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