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Poets to their ...
Embrace the Fool
Digipak CD
"Poets to their beloved est duo germano néerlandais qui, ŕ l’instar de Hexperos, vient de sortir son premier album Embrace the fool sur le label Equilibrium music. Composé de Saskia Dommisse et de Marc(...)"

Khimaira Magazine
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GlerAkur (Iceland)
"Can't You Wait" 12" EP 2016, Prophecy Productions
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GlerAkur is the moniker Icelandic composer and sound designer Elvar G. Sćvarsson has chosen to create unique cinematic music apart from his engagement at the National Theater of Iceland, drawing inspiration from Post Rock, Drone, Ambient and Black Metal.

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A1. Can't You Wait
A2. Polycide
B1. Willocide

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