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"Deeply influenced by Dead can Dance, traditional music and ethnic experiments, French duo Rajna (composed by instrumentalists Fabrice Lefebvre and vocalist Jeanne Lefebvre) releases its 9th studio alb(...)"

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Daybed (NZ / U.S.A.)
"Weird Sailing" 12" EP 2015, Beläten
18.00EUR • approx. 26.1USD [ add to cart ]
A diverse collection of songs set against analogue synthesizer landscapes, which playfully jumps between the upbeat and pop-inspired to the reflective and lyrical, balancing nostalgia for the sounds of the past with a strong musical focus on the present.

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- tracklist -
A-I. Weird Sailing
A-II. No Luck
A-III. Fruit
A-IV. Days Pass
A-V. Murder
B-I. Come To Me
B-II. Cellophane
B-III. The Art Of Worldly Wisdom
B-IV. Seasons
B-V. When I See You
B-VI. And Your Mind

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