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Digipak CD
"Debutto incredibile questo dei "The Moon And The Nightspirit" (d'ora in poi scrivo TMATN data la lunghezza del nome), duo ungherese composto dal chitarrista e bassista Mihaly Szabo e dalla vocalist, v(...)"

Élskrin Webzine
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David E. Williams (U.S.A.)
"Trust No Scaffold Built of this Bone" Digipak CD 2013, Old Europa Cafe
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The new music ranges from finger-snapping ditties to chamber synth-pop to his ever popular piano-driven art songs, as Williams continues to expand the boundaries of Dark-Cabaret and Neofolk in ways that perpetually leave him as the ultimate outsider.

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- tracklist -
01. The Official Picnic Song
02. Dashing Habber
03. Quackadoodledoo
04. The Emperor of Ice Cream
05. Closet (with Lloyd James / Naevus)
06. Heat’s down the seeking missile
07. A Patch of Fog in Purgatory
08. What’s Your Scene, Jellybean?
09. Dodecaphonybaloney
10. Relapse (with Andrew King)
11. Peanuts, Candy, a Dog and a Bird
12. Ten Pound Bag
13. Meine Schwester, Die Krankenschwester
14. Turn Off All the Very Hot Things

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