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3x 12" Hardcover Gatefold LP Infinite ...
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Vittorio Vandel...
A Day of Warm R...
Digipak CD
"This is the first solo record for Vittorio Vandelli, founding member and composer of Ataraxia, in which he plays guitar and of which he produced some of the albums. On this cd neo-classical and mediev(...)"

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Corde Oblique (Lupercalia) (Italy)
"Per Le Strade Ripetute" CD 2013, Stones of Naples Records
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Mediterranean Folk and ethereal voices full of charm and atmosphere, with guests from Ashram and Daemonia Nymphe, among others. The album was conceived as a journey in some of the most significative places of the region Campania, in southern Italy.

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- tracklist -
01. Averno
02. Il viaggio di Saramago
03. My pure Amethyst
04. In the Temple of Echo
05. Bambina d'Oro
06. Heraion
07. Due Melodie
08. Le Fontane di Caserta
09. Requiem for a Dream
10. Ali Bianche
11. Uroboro

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