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2x 12" Gatefold LP Nordvis
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The Veil of Queen Mab
Digipak CD
"Some outstanding music has come across our ears throughout the course of 2010 from Equilibrium Music, and Hexperos's "The Veil of Queen Mab" is no exception. This Italian duo (the bandname derives fro(...)"

Femme Metal Webzine
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Thomas Nöla (U.S.A.)
"Featuring Douglas P. - The Doctor (Original Soundtrack)" 2x 12" LP 2006, Caciocavallo
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A film described by the All Movie Guide as “a surreal landscape of paranoia and despair”. With music by director Thomas Nöla and his orchestra, and narration by Death in June’s Douglas P, this stands as a rare treat sure to tickle and pervert the senses.

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- tracklist -
A1. A Time And Place Will Exist...
A2. The Constables
A3. Miss Marilla Huxley
A4. They Sat Quietly
A5. At The Stormy Beach
A6. Enter The Griffin
A7. Hello Again, My Dearest
A8. Indian Machinery
A9. Here The Doctor Stood For Hours
A10. You're Coming With Us!
B1. Opening Waltz
B2. Flowers In The Stomach, Charcoal On The Back
B3. He Thought Of The Creeping Things...
B4. Drawn And Quartered
B5. The Doctor Looked Out
B6. Suck A Lemon
B7. Sugar Bear & Dandy Lion
B8. The Doctor Lay In Silence
B9. Les Pierrots
B10. The Carriage
B11. Dearest One...
B12. The Steppes To The North
C1. Farewell Theme
C2. The Procedure
C3. Ghoulish Reflections
C4. Here? Here? Here?
C5. In The Punjab
C6. Bloody Mouths
C7. Noticing The Outside Areas
C8. About Towne
C9. Calling Master Barbary
C10. Under The Pomengranate Tree
D1. The Twists And Turns

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