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Reg§ Rejtem
A5 Digipak CD
"The Moon And The Night Spiritů hum this is not the first time that I hear some words about this duet from Hungary. Their first album got a lot of positive reviews and yeah, I'm sure that some people, (...)"

Metal Storm
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Outofsight (Poland)
"Vodka Likes Smoke" Digipak CD 2007, Rage in Eden / War Office
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The works of those damned Kazimierz Raton, Marek Hlasko and Edward Stachura were the inspiration for this moving album. Musically it is perfectly blended mix of cold wave, neofolk, pop and even echoes of decadent cabaret with different guest vocals.

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- tracklist -
01. The Hang-over
02. White Rooms
03. I Have Nothing Any More
04. The Terrified Ground
05. The Dead Base
06. Drink or Die
07. Bonfires Die Out
08. 1996

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