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The Veil of Queen Mab
Digipak CD
"The Veil Of Queen Mab is the second album from Italian duo Hexperos, featuring the pair Francesco Forgione, who handles double bass, cello, keyboards and programming (among other instruments) and hamm(...)"

Sea of Tranquility
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A Challenge of Honour (Holland)
"Where no angels dare to come" CD 2006, Vrihaspati Recordings
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ add to cart ]
High quality recording from the very first ACOH live-concert, performing their early and very martial style. This additionally includes 2 live-versions of the ACOH-hits "Dum pater familias" and "La Legion", at the Flammenzauber Festival in 2003. Lim. 500.

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