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The Veil of Queen Mab
Digipak CD
"Nicht nur der Titel "The Veil Of Queen Mab" des neuen Albums von Hexperos verheißt ein Eintauchen in die Welt der Märchen, Mythen und Legenden. Auch die Musik des italienischen Duos und seinen Gastmus(...)"

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Gruntsplatter (U.S.A.)
"The Eulogists Assembly" CD 2005, Eibon Records
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US noise manipulators Gruntsplatter throw us in a desertic, abandoned, outworldly land where the only sounds come from agonizing machineries, abandoned to their inevitable rusting processes. A flow of energetic noise bursts mixed with dark ambiences.

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- tracklist -
01. The tireless slog of the infirm
02. The redundancy of procreation
03. Dissecting the ceremonial tongue
04. Architectural scarecrows and the ashes of effigies
05. The fraternal order of hypocrites and zealots
06. Where the fearful eat their young
07. The beasts that perished
08. A blight between the weeds
09. Our rituals inform disease
10. The sour call of the gallows birds

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