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"Separated by distance, Marcel Schiborr and Saskia Dommisse make beautiful music together.

The story of Poets to Their Beloved sounds too much like a fairytale to be true. After meeting at a w(...)"

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Bleeding Like Mine (U.S.A.)
"Never Again Will I Dream" CD 2001, Palace of Worms
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
The long awaited new album from Bleeding Like Mine brings a more introspective side to their music. Recordings feature Hugues Dammarie, of O Quam Tristis, on male vocals, as a counterpart to the heavenly vocals of Holy Emmer. Beautiful.

With Bleeding Like Mine's long awaited follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut and Palace of Worms' bestseller, Curt extends the stylistic platform which BLM has become known for. Similarities to the freshman release abound, yet this release goes beyond the former, with bolder percussion and rhythm developments, as well as subtler, more emotional statements that attack the heart both lyrically and musically. The addition of the dynamic and deep vocals of Hugues Dammarie (of Palace of Worms signed O Quam Tristis) combined with the ever surreal, multi-track heavently vocals of Holly Emmer clearly take this release to the next level. A rare, beautiful work which combines three equal parts to create a magical whole.

Audio samples will be available soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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- tracklist -
01. Untitled #8: Chapter 4
02. Denial
03. In your Flesh Lies the Key
04. Untitled #18
05. Shallow and Beyond (Phrases 5 & 6)
06. Waiting for the Harvest Never to Come
07. Untitled #23: Chapter I
08. And now it´s gone
09. 10 000 years... or Tomorrow
10. Did we ever know love at all?
11. Waiting...: Chapter 3
12. Untitled #27: Renewal
13. Faith Abandoned
14. In your Flesh lies the Key (v.2)
15. Never Again Will I Dream
16. The hardest to let go

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