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"“Hexperos č musica d’amore e di mistero”. Con queste poche parole, in corredo alla biografia della band, č possibile descrivere nel miglior modo possibile quanto proposto da questo strepitoso duo. Sti(...)"

Metal Italia
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Mysterian (U.S.A.)
"A Rose for the Dying" CD 2001, Memento Mori
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Melancholic neo-folk / classic. An isolated endeavor that conjures romantic images of the ancient past and the secret mysteries of sorrow. Cold in concept, this offers a style to be appreciated by those owning a kinship with the darker qualities of life.

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- tracklist -
01. A Rose For The Dying
02. Realm Of Mourn
03. In Dreams Held Deep
04. Seraphim Of The Black Wings
05. Etched In Dreamless Sleep
06. Iceorb
07. Among The Ghastly Tombs
08. Prism Of Glowing Starlight
09. Decaying Dreams
10. Spider's Web (The Mirror Cracks)
11. My Beloved On A Bed Of White Chrysanthemums

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