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Satanic Witch
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The Garden of t...
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"Le nom Hexperos vient de Hesperides et Hesperos, la première étoile qui apparaît au crépuscule (*)... Nom évocateur de cet instant fragile où se mêlent en incandescence le jour et la nuit, laissant en(...)"

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Clan of Xymox (Holland)
"Exodus - Blue Transparent Vinyl" 12" LP 2024, Trisol
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“Exodus” showcases the strengths and virtues of one of the leading and most influential groups the worlds of Dark Wave and Gothic have ever seen. A black bouquet of mournful dirges for a sick new world. Lim. 500x on 180g vinyl.

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- tracklist -
A1 Save our Souls
A2 Fear for a World at War
A3 The Afterglow
A4 I Can See Miles Across
A5 We Are Who We Are
B1 Blood of Christ
B2 X-Odus
B3 Arcanus
B4 I Always Feel The Same
B5 Once Upon A Time

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