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Les Fragments d...
Musique du Crépuscule
Digipak CD
"Drei Geigen, ein Cello und ein Klavier : Das sind die Zutaten für die „Musique Du Crépuscule“, einem leidenschaftlich eingespielten Album der Formation Les Fragments De La Nuit. Hinter dieser Idee ste(...)"

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Ken Mode (Canada)
"Null - Red Vinyl" 12" Gatefold LP 2022, Artoffact
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Now with Kerr on saxophone, synth, piano, percussion, and backing vocals, the album features a new palette of No Wave and Industrial-tinged sounds. Their adventurous Hardcore and Noise-Rock is now strengthened by shades of Swans and Neubauten.

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- tracklist -
A1. A Love Letter
A2. Throw Your Phone In The River
A3. The Tie
A4. But They Respect My Tactics
A5. Not My Fault
B1. Lost Grip
B2. The Desperate Search For An Enemy
B3. Unresponsive

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