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Ghostly Kisses
Acoustic Collection
12" LP Akira Records
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Digipak CD
" Mastermind ovog čudnog projekta jeste Duncan Patterson, bivši član pionira doom metal muzike '90.godina, Anatheme. Putujući prostranstvima od Irske do Grčke, Duncan je u ovo izdan(...)"

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Sulphur Aeon (Germany)
"Seven Crowns And Seven Seals - Red / Black Corona Effect Vinyl" Slipcase 12" Gatefold LP 2023, Ván
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The manifest and at least for now, possibly the peak of a band obsessively creative, passionately and willingly challenging itself to produce music as timeless and original as H.P. Lovecraft's literary legacy. Swathing genre-defying cinematic Metal.

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- tracklist -
A1. Sombre Tidings
A2. Hammer From The Howling Void
A3. Usurper Of The Earth And Sea
A4. The Yearning Abyss Devours Us
B1. Arcane Cambrian Sorcery
B2. Seven Crowns And Seven Seals
B3. Beneath The Ziqqurrats

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