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"Debutto incredibile questo dei "The Moon And The Nightspirit" (d'ora in poi scrivo TMATN data la lunghezza del nome), duo ungherese composto dal chitarrista e bassista Mihaly Szabo e dalla vocalist, v(...)"

Élskrin Webzine
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Deutsch Nepal (Sweden)
"Vol.1" 6x 12" LP Boxset 2023, Mecanica
129.00EUR • approx. 187.1USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
This boxset compiles the first five DN albums from the 90’s (“Deflagration of Hell”, “Benevolence”, “Tolerance”, “¡Comprendido!...” and “Erosion”) plus an extra record (“Dystopian Selection”) with old compilation tracks! Lim. 535 copies.

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- tracklist -
LP I: Deflagration Of Hell
A1. Deflagration Of Hell
A2. Execursioner Angel
A3. Holistix - Links Between God And Human
B1. Glimpses Of War Part. I & II
B2. The Heirophants Of Light
B3. Energy - Not Orgasm
LP II: Benevolence
C1. Impassive Metal Sex
C2. Angel Impact
C3. Benevolence (Of The Fittest God)
D1. The Fire Within My Cold Heart
D2. Carrions Still Walkin’
D3. Mantra
LP III: Tolerance
E1. Horses Give Birth To Flies
E2. Manual To Utilization
E3. Chip Chop
F1. The Eagles Gift
F2. Nonexistance
F3. Deathmanners
LP IV: ¡Comprendido!... Time Stop! ...And World Ending
G1. Benevolence -92
G2. Thomas 29 Needles
G3. World Mirror
H1. Gouge Free Market
H2. Tender Lover
H3. Pain Is The Language We Use
H4. The Phlegethon Fish
H5. Auto Gamic Drummers
LP V: Erosion
I1. Erosion
I2. Surgery II
I3. Faint Retard
J1. Collapsing Surface
J2. How Low...
J3. You're Just A Toy
LP VI: Dystopian Selection
K1. Bausteine Der Zukunft
K2. Logo
K3. Master Of Disguises
L1. Razor In Motion
L2. We Are The Angels (Gabriel)
L3. Poison Free MarketVol.1

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