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12" LP Domino
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Digipak CD
"An amazing release with elements of ancient folk music but taken to moernity through the use of some synths. The music here has some eastern flavor in tracks like "Aegypto ad Siciliam". Riccardo Princ(...)"

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Ultra Sunn (Belgium)
"Kill Your Idols - White / Black Marbled Vinyl" 12" EP 2023, Fleisch
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"Kill Your Idols" hardened the tone and planted the flag of a new generation that thirsts to write its own history. Ultra Sunn's songs are designed to be danced and sung live like hymns in a single and invincible voice.

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- tracklist -
A1. Can You Believe It (5:06)
A2. Kill Your Idols (4:31)
A3. Set Yourself On Fire (5:02)
B1. The Great Escape (5:02)
B2. The Speed (4:34)
B3. Can You Believe It (Kris Baha Remix) (6:58)

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