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"Duncan Patterson has been many things in his lengthy career: doom forefather, label owner, film scores author, benefactor, bass player. Before he was any of that, though, he was a a tireless quester (...)"

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Dozer (Sweden)
"Beyond Colossal (2008) - Green Transparent Vinyl" 12" LP 2021, Heavy Psych Sounds
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"Beyond Colossal" is the fulfillment of the promise 2005's excellent "Through the Eyes of Heathens" began to see through. The sound is that of the band pushing itself harder, writing stronger songs and compromising none of their edge or aural passion.

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- tracklist -
A1. The Flood
A2. Exoskeleton (Part II)
A3. Empire's End
A4. The Ventriloquist
A5. Grand Inquisitor
B6. Message Through The Horses
B7. The Throne
B8. Fire For Crows
B9. Two Coins For Eyes
B10. Bound For Greatness

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