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12" Picture LP United Dirter
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The Garden of t...
Digipak CD
"Gli Hexperos nascono dalla collaborazione di Alessandra Santovito (ex Gothica) e di Francesco Forgione (contrabbasso e tastiere) e di altri ottimi musicisti quali Flavia Prosperi al flauto traverso, A(...)"

Metallo Italiano
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Bethlehem (Germany)
"Dark Metal (1994) - Purple Vinyl" 12" Gatefold LP 2022, Prophecy Productions
25.00EUR • approx. 36.3USD [ add to cart ]
Re-issue of the groundbreaking debut album, which gave name to an entire genre: "Dark Metal", which to much an extent very much closes the gap between Doom and Black Metal. An essential work, now available on colored vynil!

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A1. The Eleventh Commandment
A2. Apocalyptic Dance
A3. Second Coming
A4 . Vargtimmen
B1. 3rd Nocturnal Prayer
B2. Funeral Owlblood
B3. Veiled Irreligion
B4. Gepriesen Sei Der Untergang

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