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Sumerian Tombs
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Poets to their ...
Embrace the Fool
Digipak CD
"Poets Of Their Beloved son un resplandor lejano en tonos verdes, de profundos verdes, de belleza antigua, pagana, ritual, de notas arraigadas a la madre tierra, a un sol femenino, a una luna masculina(...)"

Friedhof Magazine
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Faith and the Muse (U.S.A.)
"Annwyn, Beneath The Waves (1996) - Black Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2022, The Circle Music
32.00EUR • approx. 46.4USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Richly laden with Ethereal, Goth Rock, World and Ambient tones, "Annwyn..." is loosely based on Welsh Celtic myths, taking the listener back to ancestral cobblestones and blight before jolting them full-circle into the illuminating light of present day.

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- tracklist -
A1. Annwyn, Beneath The Waves
A2. The Silver Circle
A3. Cantus
A4. The Dream Of Macsen
B1. Fade And Remain
B2. Arianrhod
B3. Branwen Slayne
B4. Hob Y Derri Dando
B5. Cernunnos
C1. The Hand Of Man
C2. The Sea Angler
C3. The Birds Of Rhiannon
C4. Rise And Forget
C5. Apparition
Bonus tracks:
D1. The Silver Circle (Live Convergence, 2007) (Bonus Track)
D2. Fade And Remain (Live Convergence, 2007) (Bonus Track)
D3. Cantus (Live Convergence, 2007) (Bonus Track)
D4. Annwyn, Beneath The Waves (Live Convergence, 2007) (Bonus Track)

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