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"“A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven” is a beautiful and mystical new album of enchanting neoclassical compositions recently released by Portugal music label Equilibrium Music. “A Day of W(...)"

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Coil (United Kingdom)
"Tribute - The World Ended a Long Time Ago + The Dark Age of Love" 5x 12" LP Boxset 2022, Ici D'Aileurs
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The legendary Coil tribute project, which brings together various Ici d'Ailleurs artists and other Coil lovers. This 5x LP boxset includes "The Dark Age of Love" 2xLP, "The World Ended a Long Time Ago" 2xLP and the "Twisted by Love" remix LP!

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- tracklist -
LP I / II - The Dark Age of Love
A1. The Dark Age Of Love [3:40]
A2. Red Queen [10:18]
B1. Ostia [5:29]
B2. Chaostrophy [5:22]
B3. Love Secret Domain [4:24]
C1. Tattoed Man [4:32]
C2. Teenage Lightning [7:57]
C3. Amber Rain [3:13]
D1. Cardinal Points [5:27]
D2. Blood From The Air [5:50]
D3. Outro LSD [2:51]
LP III / IV - The World Ended A Long Time Ago
A1. Corybantic Ennui [01:16]
A2. Where Are You [06:35]
A3. Titan Arch [04:40]
B1. Dark River [04:32]
B2. Cold Cell [06:33]
B3. A White Raimbow [06:31]
C1. Magnetic North [09:19]
C2. Christmas is Now Drawing Near [04:13]
D1. Fire of the Mind [05:30]
D2. Going Up [08:44]
LP V: Twisted By Love Remix Album
A1. Dark River (remix by Aho Ssan) [06:54]
A2. Tattoed Man (remix by The Third Eye Foundation) [05:31]
A3. Magnetic North (remix by Geins't Nait) [8:58]
B1. A White Rainbow (remix by Geins't Nait) [7:12]
B2. Chaostrophy (remix by Deadverse) [6:19]
B3. White Rainbow (instrumental version) [6:25]

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