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Madre, Protégenos
Digipak CD
"This is the debut release by Duncan Patterson, formerly of legendary doomsters Anathema and Antimatter. Although this is essentially his solo project, no less than thirteen others assist him.


Chronicles of Chaos
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The Obsessed (U.S.A.)
"Incarnate - Solid White Vinyl" 2x 12" LP 2004, Blues Funeral Recordings
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Since their earliest days, The Obsessed accumulated demos, b-sides, covers and alternate recordings, which were gathered for this collection in the early 2000s. This is its ultimate edition - remastered, with 4 new tracks and extensive liner notes.

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- tracklist -
A1. Yen Sleep
A2. Concrete Cancer
A3. Peckerwood Stomp
A4. Inside Looking Out
A5. Mental Kingdom
B1. Sodden Jackal
B2. Iron & Stone
B3. Indestroy
B4. Mourning
B5. Spirit Caravan
B6. Skybone
C1. On The Hunt
C2. No Blame
C3. Neatz Brigade
C4. Hiding Mask
C5. Endless Circle (Live)
D1. Streetside
D2. Climate of Despair
D3. Decimation
D4. Fears Machine
D5. Field of Hours

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