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"Ein weiteres Mal laden LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NUIT ein zum nächtlichen Tanz auf den schwach erleuchteten Pflastern und zaubern, wie schon der Vorgänger „Musique De Crépuscule“, wunderbares Kopfkino ohne (...)"
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Michael Cashmore (United Kingdom)
"The Night Has Rushed In" Digifile CD 2022, House of Mythology
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Cloud sparked and star fed, a soundtrack and soundscape where each note surprises, as if elevating the ear. This eleven-piece suite of challenging and enchanting electronica fuses moments of sublime chillout with those of near anthemic inspiration.

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- tracklist -
01. The Sun Rises From The Deepest Oceans
02. Powers Start To Shift
03. You Are The Divine Center Of Vibration
04. Run Into The Emptiness Of Everything
05. The Jewel Lies Within Each Heart
06. It Is The Sacred Constellation Of Mathematics
07. Transformation Through Love
08. Reach Your True Beautiful Potential
09. Journey Through Consciousness To The Hidden Throne
10. The Night Has Rushed In
11. Ashes Fly As Spiraling Swallows Return Home Into Night Skies

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