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Digipak CD
"Sono la tua odalisca

Dal 1997, anno di fondazione del duo francese dei Rajna, ad oggi sono stati pubblicati nove full length, incluso il presente "Offering".
La musica del progetto (...)"

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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (Sweden)
"Nihilist Notes [And The Perpetual Quest 4 Meaning In Nothing]" Digipak CD 2022, Out of Line
17.00EUR • approx. 24.7USD [ add to cart ]
Dark, oppressive, harsh and tribal, "Nihilist Notes" merges the crudeness of the past with the refinement and perfection of the present, sounding more Martial than Folk, but still very much Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.

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- tracklist -
I. Nothing, Nada, Null (1:39)
II. I Set Fire To Cathedrals, With The Flame Inside My Heart (4:23)
III. How I Paint The World In Flames 4 You (3:55)
IV. I Remember, The Perpetual Search For The Meaning In Nothing (4:40)
V. Lets Forsake Your Peace, And Embrace My War (3:28)
VI. In The Skies That Burn Theres No Refuge 4 Man (4:49)
VII. Sing To My Enemies, And Those Who Did Not Make It (4:37)
VIII. To The Gods That Kill And Forever Will (4:26)
IX. Never Shall The Stars Be Touched Or The Roses Fall (4:23)
X. Of All The Pearls We Cast To Swine (4:50)
XI. The Sins That I Did, And All The Sin Ill Ever Do (4:09)
XII. Every Fiend I Have Lost And Friends Abandoned (4:12)
XIII. Somewhere Theres A Cross That Wont Defile You (1:26)

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