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Madre, Protégenos
Digipak CD
"Íon. Apparentemente un nome che non dirà nulla ai più. L'obbligo, quindi, per evitarvi di passare oltre senza continuare nella lettura, è di citare subito chi si cela dietro ad esso: Duncan Patterson.(...)"
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Principe Valiente (Sweden)
"Barricades" 12" LP 2022, Metropolis Records
26.00EUR • approx. 37.7USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
The Swedish Post Punksters back with a brand new album! The ten songs will feel pleasantly familiar - the beautiful melodies, the Post Punk energy and the cinematic drama, complete with Fernando Honorato's warm and unassailable voice. It’s all in there.

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- tracklist -
A1. Barricades
A2. So much More
A3. Porcelain
A4. I Am You
A5. Tears in Different Colors
B1. When We Can't Let Go
B2. Never Change
B3. The Beating of Your Heart
B4. The Impossibles
B5. This Buried Love

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