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Grace of God
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"I had never heard of these guys until I got this in the mail and all I have to say is, sorry I'm late. I don't know if this can be called metal, due to the absence of guitar and bass but I really don'(...)"
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Sacramentum (Sweden)
"The Coming of Chaos (1997) - Gold Vinyl" 12" LP 2020, Cosmic Key Creations
20.00EUR • approx. 29USD [ add to cart ]
Melodic Black Metal from Fallköping, Sweden. The sound of Sacramentum sometimes brings the mighty Dissection to mind and Sacramentum is regarded by many as one of the most underrated bands in this genre. "The Coming Of Chaos" was their 2nd album.

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- tracklist -
A1. Dreamdeath (5:34)
A2. ...As Obsidian (5:07)
A3. Awaken Chaos (4:56)
A4. Burning Lust (4:52)
A5. Abyss Of Time (2:32)
B1. Portal Of Blood (4:22)
B2. Black Destiny (4:28)
B3. To The Sound Of Storms (4:58)
B4. The Coming Of Chaos (13:21)

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