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Wrath - Complete Edition
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"El duo francés Rajna nos transporta a las islas del Egeo con un estilo mucho más étnico que el aportado en sus anteriores. Toda una auténtica delicia que se deja querer a la primera escucha.

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True Faith (U.S.A.)
"As Much Nothing As Possible" 12" LP 2021, Young And Cold Records
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Boston can be a cold and desolate place, but there’s a warmth hidden under its shadows and deep within its edges. True Faith embody that spirit, twirling along the margins of Post-Punk and Coldwave to create a magnetic sound rooted in their home city.

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- tracklist -
A1. A Perfect Place [04:31]
A2. Borrowed Time [04:25]
A3. Feel [05:46]
B1. Want [05:12]
B2. Waiting on the Wrong Time [03:52]
B3. Blame [06:08]

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