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Ainda É Noite
Digipak CD
"Una coppia di chitarre classiche, altrettanti violini, un basso e una gradevole voce femminile. Questi gli strumenti scelti dai portoghesi Dwelling per dare un suono all'intimità di Lisbona, ai sui vi(...)"
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Bomb The Daynursery (Sweden)
"Primitive Perversions 1981-83" 4x 12" LP Boxset 2021, Cold Meat Industry
66.00EUR • approx. 95.7USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
A 4LP boxset documenting the early tape experiments of Roger Karmanik done under the name Bomb the Daynursery. Tape loops, cut-ups, found objects, radio frequencies, vocals. Whatever was at hand and could be used as sonic weaponry. 37 tracks, 2h30min!

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- tracklist -
A1. Infernal Countrysongs
A2. Political Nonsense / Political Chaos
A3. The End
A4. Moving In Their Brains
A5. Den Sjunde Sonen Till En Sjunde Son
A6. Akme
A7. Bodies Cut-up
B1. Tapes Of Fury
B3. Dödens Vals I Livets Ruin
B3. The Last Unknown
B4. Allmän Försvagning
B5. Obstipation 2
C1. Gaschamber Rapsody
C2. Buchenwald Party
C3. The Grave March
D2. Wonderfool
D2. 10 Drop Curacit
D3. Fury Of Tapes
D4. Tempting Nothingness
D5. Deathscramble
D6. Titti Jones
D7. Burning Breath
E1. BlackOut
E2. Finska Gurkor
E3. Bullfittan
E4. Mellan Benen Och Så
E5. Fullbordat
F1. Serenade Of Broken Bones
F2. Meine Perverse Tante
F3. The Price Of Freedom Is Death
F4. The Shatterer Of Earth
Discipline Through Mental Illness A
G1. Stop Your Insuflator
G2. Mental Health Through Selfdestruction
G3. Learning By Killing
G4. Deny Yourself
Discipline Through Mental Illness B
H1. Our Neighbours Suicideorgy
H2. Landsfriedensbruch

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