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"Get the idea? If not, you certainly will by the end of this terrestrial listening experience dubbed Ösforrás. After debuting in 2005, The Moon and the Nightspirit gained respectable publicity and even(...)"

Stream of Consciousness
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Cold Beat (U.S.A.)
"Chaos By Invitation" 12" LP 2017, Crime On The Moon
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Inspired musically by bands such as NEU! and Tubeway Army, Cold Beat's Hannah Lew was also influenced by her interest in astronomy. The album moves through themes of sensuality/intangibility as she attempts to reconcile the distance between both.

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- tracklist -
A1. In Motion
A2. Thin Ice
A3. Don't Touch
A4. Black Licorice
B1. 62 Moons
B2. False Alarm
B3. Chainmaille
B4. Ivory Tower
B5. Strawberry Moon
B6. In Motion Reprise

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