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Toto / Brian Eno
Dune (Original ...
12" LP Jackpot Records
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Grace of God
Digipak CD
"Let Us Lead, Back In Control, Mother of Disease, War On, Total Cleansing and State Collapse. All recorded by the duo of Fredrik Soderlund and Henry Moller…better known as Puissance. All good albums. N(...)"

Heathen Harvest
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Mama Doom (U.S.A.)
"Ash Bone Skin N Stone - Purple/Black Swirl Vinyl" 12" LP 2021, Majestic Mountain Records
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A perfect union of crushing bass and drums, at once familiar to fans of Doom, yet offering a strangely unfamiliar and unique tone, given its component parts which span traditional Blues, Heavy Doom, and ego-Death Metal. Lim. 250x copies.

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- tracklist -
A1. Batshit Crazy
A2. Vodka
A3. Blood Moon
A4. Indigo
B1. Oh, Lucifer
B2. Werewolf
B3. Slither
B4. Cherry

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