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Emily Jane White
Alluvion - White Vinyl
12" LP Talitres Records
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Shining Silver Skies
Digipak CD
"Von Luigi Rubino am Klavier, Alfredo Notarloberti auf der Geige und dem Sessionmusiker Leonardo Massa auf dem Cello begleitet singt der Tenor Sergio Panarella mit einem derart warmen Timbre, dass selb(...)"

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At The Gates (Sweden)
"With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness (1993)" 12" LP 2013, Peaceville
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Regarded as a highlight of the band’s career, "With Fear..." held highly complex melodic arrangements retaining a dark and brutal edge mixed with slight Black Metal overtones and poetic, philosophical lyrics suiting the tracks perfectly. 180gr. vinyl.

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- tracklist -
A1. Beyond Good And Evil
A2. Raped By The Light Of Christ
A3. The Break Of Autumn
A4. Non-Divine
A5. Primal Breath
B1. The Architects
B2. Stardrowned
B3. Blood Of The Sunsets
B4. The Burning Darkness
B5. Ever-Opening Flower
B6. Through The Red
B7. The Nightmare Continues

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