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Karma - Black Vinyl
12" Gatefold LP Denovali Records
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Let Us Lead
Digipak CD
"Se os Puissance são, hoje em dia, um dos principais nomes da cena dark-ambient de contornos industriais, deve-o em grande parte a «Let Us Lead», editado originalmente há 10 anos, e agora recuperado pe(...)"

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Luis Vasquez (The Soft Moon) (U.S.A.)
"A Body Of Errors - Black Vinyl" 12" LP 2021, 2Mondi Collective
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Venturing off course from his Post-Punk / Dark Wave project, The Soft Moon, Los Angeles born composer and multi-instrumentalist Luis Vasquez, embarks into new territory with "A Body Of Errors", a bold reimagining of the soundtrack genre.

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- tracklist -
A1. Interno
A2. Poison Mouth
A3. Under My Teeth
A4. Decomposition (Part 1)
A5. This Guilt
A6. The Wasp
A7. Surgery
B1. In A Cage
B2. No Longer Human
B3. Decomposition (Part 2)
B4. Used To Be
B5. From The Drain
B6. Arms & Legs
B7. World On Fire

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