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"Una nueva edición de Equilibrium Music y, como suele ser con todo lo que editan, otro acierto, y parecerá que soy algo imparcial con según que sellos, pero estoy francamente sorprendido de la calidad (...)"

Executioner Zine
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Monte Penumbra (Portugal)
"As Blades in the Firmament" 12" LP 2021, End All Life Productions
16.00EUR • approx. 23.2USD [ new : recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
A stranger to time, space or any geographical scene, Monte Penumbra returns with might and main. An opus for the Antagonist, ranging from vicious Black Metal to eerie Ambient sections, beseeching the abyss and rejoicing at the antipode of the Sun.

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- tracklist -
A1. Black Mould on Rye Grass (06:42)
A2. To Anoint the Dead (04:53)
A3. As Blades in the Firmament (07:59)
B1. Foreboding in Tidal Breaths (05:30)
B2. Of a Different Fire (05:08)
B3. Trephining the Severed Head of the Oracle (11:21)

last update: 2021-03-30
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