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Death In Rome
Na Zare / Just Dropped In
7" EP Letzte Bastion
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Madre, Protégenos
Digipak CD
"Finalmente Ion (dal Gaelico per "pure", ovvero puro), finalmente ecco la nuova creatura di Mr. Duncan Patterson, un artista con la "A" maiuscola. E' dal 2004, anno di fine del progetto Antimatter (se (...)"
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Die Form (France)
"Mental Camera" 2x 12" Gatefold LP + 2xCD 2021, Trisol
49.00EUR • approx. 71.1USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Born in endless nights, “Mental Camera” sounds like the soundtrack to a lost David Lynch movie. Includes the bonus mini album "A Coeur de la Nuit", plus a 2x LP edition with all the tracks, lim. 500 copies.

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- tracklist -
CD I: Mental Camera
01 Au Coeur de la Nuit (Into the Night)
02 Continuum Dream
03 Les Roses sanglantes
04 Lilium Dolorosa
05 Animal Memory
06 Automatique
07 Memory of Future
08 Théâtre de la Cruauté
09 Materia Oscura
10 Les Corps purs
11 Insomniac Activity 12 Paradis Perdus
13 Between Two Worlds
14 Black Nerves (We never die)
CD II: Mental Camera
01 Au Coeur de la Nuit – Mix 2
02 Before Silence and Blindness
03 The Persistence of Fear
04 Au Coeur de la Nuit – Male Vocals
2x LP:
A1 Au Coeur de la Nuit (Into the Night)
A2 Continuum Dream
A3 Les Roses sanglantes
A4 Lilium Dolorosa
A5 Animal Memory
B1 Automatique
B2 Memory of Future
B3 Théâtre de la Cruauté
B4 Materia Oscura
B5 Les Corps purs
C1 Insomniac Activity
C2 Paradis Perdus
C3 Between Two Worlds
C4 Black Nerves (We never die)
D1 Au Coeur de la Nuit – Mix 2
D2 Before Silence and Blindness
D3 The Persistence of Fear
D4 Au Coeur de la Nuit – Male Vocals

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