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"Nuevo proyecto de la soprano Alexandra Santovinoi y Francesco Forgione, reputados creadores e interpretes dentro de la escena neoclsica o recreacionista italiana, no en vano Alexandra fue miembro fun(...)"

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Brn (United Kingdom)
"Pred Dverima Noći" 12" LP 2020, Nordvis
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Brn spreads its mysterious, 90's-harkening blend of ethereal synths, harsh vocals, ferocious blast beats and thick atmosphere across the planes of time, rubbing shoulders with names like Limbonic Art, Dark Space or Paysage d'Hiver on its journey.

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- tracklist -
A1. Dverima Noci
A2. Usnulu Zlobu Razbudi I
B1. Usnulu Zlobu Razbudi II
B2. Zastore Skrsi

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