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Grace of God
Digipak CD
"Mit „Grace Of God” schuf die schwedische Industrial/Gothic-Combo PUISSANCE eine gelungene Mischung aus dem harten Industrial á la Deathstars und verbanden diesen mit dem ruhigen Operetten-Stil von Dis(...)"

Bright Eyes Magazine
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Grails (U.S.A.)
"Burning Off Impurities (2007)" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2017, Temporary Residence
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An album that not only thrusts the group to new heights, but also significantly pushes the Instrumental Rock genre forward for the first time in nearly a decade, evidencing an increased interest in Psychedelic, Ambient and World Music by the band.

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- tracklist -
A1. Soft Temple
A2. More Extinction
A3. Silk Rd
B1. Drawn Curtains
B2. Outer Banks
B3. Dead Vine Blues
C1. Origin-ing
C2. Burning Off Impurities

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