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Ächtung, Baby!
7" EP Trisol
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The Moon and th...
Digipak CD
"There are some bands that we discovered by blind chance and ultimately prove very excellent. For my part, I discovered the band The Moon And The Nightspirit through the festival Trolls & Legends at Mo(...)"

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Macabre Omen (Greece)
"Anamneses - Black Vinyl" 12" LP 2020, Ván
20.00EUR • approx. 29USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
A minialbum filled with memories and recollections that were gathered over a period of 25 years since the band’s formation, while showcasing an exclusive new track, the first one since the release of the sophomore album “Gods of War – At War”.

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- tracklist -
A1. Anamneses From The Past (Sirens Calling)
A2. Olympus, Mountain Of The Ancient Gods
A3. Cursed Aria
B1. The Waltz Of The Nereids, Of The Dryads, Of The Nymphs
B2. The Past, Is The Future, Of The Present
B3. Voor Donker Zullen We Heersen
B4. We Won With War

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