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"Uno storico di tutto rispetto quello relativo al duo francese dei Lefebvre, Jeanne (vocals) e Fabrice: i Rajna. Collezionisti di strumenti musicali delle piů disparate origini, fortemente influenzati (...)"

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Throbbing Gristle (United Kingdom)
"Part Two - The Endless Not / TG Now" 3x 12" LP Boxset 2019, Industrial Records
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Previously released in 2007, their first full studio album for 25 years, the years that have since past have not diluted its impact and it stands holding the bands legacy intact and is now part of their classic catalogue.

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- tracklist -
Part Two - The Endless Not:
A1. Vow Of Silence
A2. Rabbit Snare
B1. Separated
B2. Almost A Kiss
B3. Greasy Spoon
C1. Lyre Liar
C2. Above The Below
D1. Endless Not
D2. The Worm Waits Its Turn
D3. After The Fall
TG Now:
E1. X-Ray
E2. Splitting Sky
F1. Almost Like This
F2. How Do You Deal

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