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"Una nueva edición de Equilibrium Music y, como suele ser con todo lo que editan, otro acierto, y parecerá que soy algo imparcial con según que sellos, pero estoy francamente sorprendido de la calidad (...)"

Executioner Zine
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Mick Harvey (Australia)
"Four (Acts Of Love)" 12" LP + CD Set 2013, Mute
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A contemplation on romantic love - its loss, re-awakening, our struggles with it and its place in our universe. The album is a song cycle, divided into 3 Acts by this former Bad Seed and PJ Harvey collaborator.

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- tracklist -
Act 1 - Summertime In New York:
A1. Praise The Earth (Wheels Of Amber And Gold)
A2. Glorious
A3. Midnight On The Ramparts
A4. Summertime In New York
A5. Where There's Smoke (Before)
Act 2 -The Story Of Love:
A6. God Made The Hammer
A7. I Wish That I Were Stone
B1. The Way Young Lovers Do
B2. A Drop, An Ocean
B3. The Story Of Love
Act 3 - Wild Hearts Run Out Of Time:
B4. Where There's Smoke (After)
B5. Wild Hearts
B6. Fairy Dust
B7. Praise The Earth (An Ephemeral Play)
01. Praise The Earth (Wheels Of Amber And Gold)
02. Glorious
03. Midnight On The Ramparts
04. Summertime In New York
05. Where There's Smoke (Before)
06. God Made The Hammer
07. I Wish That I Were Stone
08. The Way Young Lovers Do
09. A Drop, An Ocean
10. The Story Of Love
11. Where There's Smoke (After)
12. Wild Hearts
13. Fairy Dust
14. Praise The Earth (An Ephemeral Play)

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