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"Ersteindruck: Mein Gott, es ist voller Töne… Dieses Album ist eine Offenbarung im Bereich der Neoklassik. Die Band rund um Michael Villar (Klavier) und Ombeline Chardes (Violine) zeigt mit diesem Albu(...)"

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Nurse With Wound (United Kingdom)
"Spiral Insana" Digipak CD 2009, United Jnana
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The album features a contribution by Organum's principal member David Jackman. During the mid-1980s, Stapleton and Jackman worked together a number of times, resulting in a split LP and Stapleton appearing on some Organum recordings.

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- tracklist -
Untitled (19:28)
1a. Sea Armchair
1b. Migration To The Head
1c. Earthwork
1d. Red Period
1e. This Lady Is For Burning
1f. Chasing The Carrot
1g. Sugarland
1h. There's Always Another Illusion
1i. Stewing The Red Herring
Untitled (26:09)
2a. Mourning Smile
2b. Pulse Interplay
2c. A View From Lammas Tower
2d. Swallowhead
2e. Fitching A Wrong Sucker
2f. All That's Left Over
2g. Forever Chasing The Carrot
2h. The Terminal Song
2i. Ship Of The Dead
2j. Obituary Obligation
03. Nihil (15:07)

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