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"Dodici anni e nove dischi sono un traguardo davvero considerevole per una band fuori dagli schemi come questi Rajna, un gruppo che abbiamo giÓ incontrato in varie occasioni e che ci ha sempre colpito (...)"

Rock Impressions
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She Past Away (Turkey)
"X" 2x CD 2020, Fabrika Records
17.00EUR • approx. 24.7USD [ recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
SPA delivered for the last decade a defining work, reinventing successfully the Dark Wave sound. To celebrate this, "X" features remixes from a vast array of influential artists and also included are two new, exclusive re-makes!

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- tracklist -
01 Rituel (Soft Moon Remix)
02 Asimilasyon (FM Attack Remix)
03 Ruh (Dear Deer cover)
04 Durdu Dunya (Boy Harsher Remix)
05 Kasvetli Kutlama (Tobias Bernstrup Remix)
06 Disko Anksiyete (Dj Fn1 Extended Dance Mix)
07 Ruh (Bragolin Remix)
08 La Maldad (She Past Away Oscura Mix)
09 Izole (Lebanon Hanover apocLIPTIC Remix)
10 Disko Anksiyete (Rendez Vous Remix)
01 Kasvetli Kutlama (Front 242 - P.Codenys Night Creatures Remix)
02 Sanri (Clan Of Xymox - Ronny Moorings Remix)
03 Katarsis (Ash Code Remix)
04 La Maldad (Dj Fn1 Extended Version)
05 Narin Yalnizlik (She Past Away Sahara Mix)
06 Soluk (Kill Shelter Remix)
07 Sonbahar (Antipole & Paris Alexander Remix)
08 Kasvetli Kutlama (Martial Canterel Remix)
09 Renksiz (Selofan Remix)
10 Monoton (Sun's Spectrum Remix)
11 Hayaller (Clan Of Xymox - Mario Usai Remix)
12 Bosluk (QUAL Remix)

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